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Monday, August 16, 2010

Flashback: Nuggets of Memory from the Summer of '10 

Suitcase pile at the Ibis Hotel restaurant before we left for Calcutta

The heat going up the ramp to the plane in Delhi

Dazed and confused look on all faces at the first briefing about the house at Salt Lake

Big hole in Tania’s bedroom

Rachel noting how the globe on the INTECH building had a different orientation with India in the center

Tracy and the dogs

Trying to wake Carrie up on her first morning in Calcutta

Going to the medical shop in Salt Lake with Tania and Will and the shop that sold electrical products having no electricity

Rachel slowly coming alive as she ate her dinner at “Silver Chimney” on the first night in Calcutta

The makeshift classroom in the “girls’ house”

The incredibly smelly fish market that Dr. Mitra took us to

Srijoy generally becoming human in company of all

Checking on the ill ones

Kiki generally sleeping for nearly 17 hours

Laundry book

Cleaning out the water shelf at Big Bazaar

The endless curiosity of all and my attempts to answer all the questions

Driving in Calcutta

Srijoy driving in Calcutta

The Agra guide

Pulling a car with a rope on the highway

Timing belt repair in one hour for the cost of Rs. 700 in a road side shop

Feeling high with the lack of oxygen

Kevin’s geology lesson

The flies and the monkeys at the temple

Will’s conversation with my mother about Hinduism

The endless pictures of the girls on strangers cameras

How anxious I was at Jama Masjid waiting for Kendall and Lisa to come down from the Minaret

Tania, “You are such a worry wart!” when I told them not to hang out the door of a fairly fast moving train

Carrie and the newspapers

Kendall and the matrimonial

Tracy falling ill in Delhi and still wanting to go out

Kevin in the mornings

Will and Srijoy racing up the hill in Leh and me completely worried about them and sending the driver up to carry them back

The constant headache in Leh

The really strange person who we called “party”

The mosquitoes at Red Fort at night

Walking the girls back late in the evenings at Delhi

Epiphany’s box of books

Lisa and her camera

Will and SK exchanging pants standing on the side of one of the busiest streets in Delhi

Rickshaw ride through Old Delhi

Me hanging out the door of the train and feeling that breeze that only can be felt next to the open door of Indian trains

Rain in Jaipur

Translating Aisha for the girls

The dead lizard in Erin’s room, I never got a chance to see this, but did hear about it

Shuttling people around Salt Lake in the small Maruti Zen car

The dinner at Oh! Calcutta and Erin’s birthday cake


Kevin’s morning drink

Running out of tobacco

Movie night in my guest house room

Palika Bazaar and the book and video shopping

Kendall punching in 500000 when she really meant to take out only 5000 at the ATM machine

The number of loans, counter loans, money returns, and accounting

The lost car in Leh and me completely and really losing my temper

Losing my temper at the Jaipur hotel about the lunch bill

The constant anxiety that one of the kids will get lost and trying to keep in touch by text messages

Two lost phones and one lost internet card

Falling asleep at one of the loudest nightclubs I have ever been to

The locked door at Lisa/Kiki/Tania house

Constant sense of panic (that is just me)

Losing a significant amount of weight

Turning several shades darker

Packing in more than a natural number of people in the cars

Trying to convince people that 1 am is late enough and time to go home

Buddha’s toasts

How tired we almost always were

Not remembering what it means to be bored (this I am borrowing from a FB update from Kendall)

Often slipping into Bengali when talking to some

Teaching people who seemed genuinely interested in learning

Carrie the Bollywood encyclopedia

Excess baggage

Forgetting what my room number was at Ibis Gurgaon and accidentally walking into Kiki and Lisa’s room

Lisa’s ticket cancelled

Tania’s problem with the credit card at the time of check-in

My problem with credit card at the time of check-in

Buying tea with the girls at Market number 2 in CR Park

Beer with Kevin at Hakka at City Center

Baggage logistics throughout the trips

Female porters at Leh

Security at Leh airport

The yogurt at Namgyal Palace

Visit to Mr. Dorjee’s house

Meeting Mr. Dorjee’s mother and speaking to her on the lawn of Namgayal Palace

Driving tour of Delhi and visiting the India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s residence) and the Parliament

Aurobindo Ashram and meditation

Erin’s birthday at Oh! Calcutta at Nehru Place in Delhi

Lunch with Korak, Kingshuk and Chiku, all old IIT friends

Managing money for some of the students

Diarrhea and Metrogyl

Indigestion and Unienzyme








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