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Sunday, August 19, 2012

India Summer Study Abroad 2012 

Major points of reference for the India Summer Study Abroad Class 2012

The class started on July 7 and the students left by August 13.  This is merely a listing of some events.  More details are in Facebook under the India Summer Study Abroad group

The flow of students into Calcutta, waiting at the airport or near the airport
The drive through North Calcutta looking for gas
City Center visits
New market visit and Kim’s birthday at Grand
The Ganges delta and the killing of the sheep
Mystery nan at Sonar Bangla
The bad road from Calcutta to the delta
Srijoy driving with the students
Bera picnic
Meetings with Raja and Rana including visit to Cognizant
Visit to DPS and the presentation and discussions there
Victoria memorial visit
Mani Square visit
Ben joining the group
Chennai flight and wrong airlines
Mr. Jay
The large bus at Chennai and drive to Mahabalipuram after lunch at Hot Picks
The Mahab hotel and the evening at the beach
Dinner and class with other diners listening in
Early morning attempt to see the sunrise on the Bay – the insects on the beach
Breakfast with flies
Visiting the sites in Mahab
Having the green coconut, getting Srijoy’s shoes fixed
Lunch fiasco at the hotel and then lunch at the Chinese place
Drive to MOP and lecture there
Then trying to find a bar and the bar games
The hot night at the Chennai station – dinner on sandwiches and chips
Night train to Mysore, hanging out the doors
Mysore hotel and breakfast
Ongoing hassles with the dongles and phones
Clean up and visit to Chamundi temple
Lunch at the hotel and then off to the palace
The palace guide
Evening to Vrindavan gardens – somewhat underwhelming and the crowds staring
Musical fountain
Night class in the bar/lounge at the hotel
Slow morning in Mysore and departure for Mudumalai in late morning
Lunch at the street side dosa place
Seeing animals on the way and then to Jungle retreat
Visit to elephant camp and then the jungle safari
Campfire and storytelling and then presentation by camp owner
Quiet night in the forest
Relaxed morning and time at the pool, then drive to Ooty and the spooky hotel
Lunch at the hotel
Afternoon to Ooty lake and the tiny train ride, some shopping
Class on return and then the ping pang pong game and the private disco experience
Late dinner and tired night
Morning visit to some of the local sites including the waterfall and the high pasture
Return to hotel for lunch, and hotel is completely busy after the previous day spooky
Srijoy getting close to making a decision about staying back
Expensive lunch at the hotel and then drive to Coimbatore relaxing at the nice hotel and Srijoy decides
Use of the tab system
Night train to Bangalore and the bedbugs
Bangalore hotel and breakfast
Connect up with Jojo and the time with family and later at the mall
Return to hotel a little late and the trouble with laundry, hotel was not too good
Early morning departure for airport, farewell to Mr. Jay and then flight to Delhi
Checking in at the guest houses and lunch at Swagath at GK 2
Connaught place and later Kingshuk and Ketoki visit
Delhi Haat (fill in from FB)
Lunch together before Mikku leaves, students go their way
Mikku and self to hotel and then to Ambience for dinner and help the students get back to the guest house
Night to airport to pick up Carey and Kendall
Night at hotel and then early  morning drop off for Mikku and return to the guest house
At Delhi – regular class, Akshwardham, Qutab Minar, Humayun Tomb, movie “Cocktail,” eating out, night clubs, Connaught place, the Metro, Palika Bazaar, students doing things on their own, meeting with the student coming to Wake
Departed from Delhi on very early morning flight (and the experience of the night before) for Leh
Breathless in Leh and the briefing by Kendall and Carrie
Work with the school in Saspol and two visits there
Work with the Moravian Mission School with two visits there
Nubra valley – camel rides, visit to the Maitrei Buddha, the hotel, bonfire, candle light dinner without electricity
Kendall and Carrie leave on the Leh-Manali road route and barely makes it across the landslide, I drive the taxi to take them there
Birthday party for Padma
Eating at various places including High Life, Chop Sticks, Sun Beam
The incident with Sun Beam and the late night out for the girls and Srijoy
Where is Ivan?
Visiting the Personal Secretary of the Dalai Lama and going to the lecture of Dalai Lama
Classes on the terrace
Srijoy befriending the shop owners along Fort Road
Early morning flight from Leh to Delhi then in the tempo traveler after a stop at the Courtyard and on to Jaipur
The Jaipur pool and the various ill people
Dinner and dance at the Indiana restaurant
The torrential rain in Jaipur and the water logging
Amber Fort and the elephant rides
Lunch at the Royal Treat restaurant
Stop in the pink city and the birds shitting on heads, cannot buy a shirt
Stop at the temple on Agra road but no monkeys spotted
Agra hotel under renovation and the meltdown at the restaurant followed by free meals
Morning visit to the Taj, very hot and the Where is Ivan
Breakfast at hotel and then departure on bus with class on bus
Roja of the drivers
Return to Delhi and he gathering in the girl’s house
Group dinner at Naivedya
Henna at the house
Students begin to leave

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