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Saturday, April 24, 2004

The hotel in Athens where we stayed from April 10 to April 13 was called Hotel Alexandros. It was off Vlasis Sofias and about 5 minutes from the US embassy and was thus very close to the subway station. There was room service but we decided to venture out. It was a Saturday and the area was really quiet except for a kiosk where I got the 9 Euro top up card for Greek Vodaphone (which was always in Greek on the phone screen!) and then we found a little cafe where an American helped us order food by interpreting for us. We had some chicken and lamb and then walked back to the hotel. While Bebo and Mikku went up I made the arrangements for the rental car and got some maps and ideas for places to go to.

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On April 10, we got up a little late, but in time for the great English breakfast at the Slough Marriott. After breakfast we took a taxi to Heathrow Terminal 1 to catch the 11:55 am flight to Athens. We had a little time at the shopping area in the terminal but moved on to the gate soon. This was a trip where we used the VOX a lot to stay in touch with each other as we moved around the terminal. Bebo is also getting to be more responsible and it is much more fun to travel with him. The flight was a 4 hour flight and we eventually reached Athens on April 10 about 5 in the evening. It was a clear day and we got an amazing view of the Aegean Sea and Athens from the sky. The airport in Athens was small (anything is small compared to Heathrow!) but there was the taxi driver there to take us to the hotel. Changed some money at the airport and got into the taxi to get to the airport.

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Got back from Greece last weekend. The trip was related to a conference. It was an excellent trip. We left from home on April 8, and drove to Washington's Dulles airport. Stayed at a Fairfield Inn near the airport and it was pretty convenient because it lets you park the car there. That night ordered in some food and we made sure we got a good night's sleep. Then on April 9, which was Good Friday, took the 7:55 am flight on BA from Dulles to London Heathrow. The crossing was pleasant and the plane was pretty empty. We could all watch movies. It was a 767 and there was no power outlet but the trusted computer and the DVD player with the additional battery worked fine. Bebo mostly watched "koi Mil Gaya" and I watched "Love and Death." Reached Heathow on time. The hotel had sent a taxi (Abdul from Pakistan was the driver) and we talked about cricket and war on the way to the hotel. Stayed in our good old Marriott and had a dinner of chicken achari which was really good. Bebo had a "crabbie pattie" or a hamburger. Went to sleep early to fight the jet lag.

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